Saturday, June 2, 2012

Twa Twists: A Distant Relative to Sisterlocks?

Throughout the five years I’ve been natural, I saw hairspiration in the sisterlocks many of our natural sisters rocked. I was fascinated by how petite the locks were, and the versatility of their styling capabilities. I’ve contemplated getting sisterlocks installed many times, but have always gone cold turkey. I was scared, because I didn’t know how sisterlocks would look on me.

So many questions ran through my mind. Would my hair be full enough? Would I be able to keep them properly maintained? Could I afford the installation by a proper hair professional? Not to mention I loved rocking my Afro puffs, jumbo twist outs, Nubian knots, and blowouts. All of these excuses and more was just my way of telling myself that I wanted the best of both worlds. I was determined to find a long-term protective style that would mimic the aesthetics of sisterlocks. Twa twists is that style.

Twa twists have become one of my signature styles. They’re mini two-strand twists that I named after the Batwa people, because of their short stature. Unlike twa twists, the traditional two-strand twists I usually wore never lasted more than two weeks. I wanted twists that could act as a long-term protective style and still look fresh. I began to experiment with different sizes, and research traditional styles as hairspiration. I found inspiration in ancient and modern African hairstyles like the mini twists of the Samburu of Kenya and the popular Senegalese twists, the skinny braids of the Afar women in Ethiopia, and the vibrant voluminous locs of the Hamer people of Ethiopia.

I also studied up on sisterlocks, and how women maintained them. After that, I went about creating and perfecting my twa twist hair care regimen that I’ll provide in greater detail in an upcoming post. What I will leave you with is the benefits I’ve found by wearing this protective style.

Twa twists are more than a protective style, they're a long-term protective style, lasting up to 8-10 weeks. Since rocking this style, my hair retention and growth has far exceeded my expectations. I loved using weaves as a long-term style, but I hated getting those dirt balls in my hair where my new growth started and the weave began. With twa twists, my hair got the benefit of being in a long-term protective style, without the suffocation and constant tension weaves provided.

18 months of hair growth

Versatility is something that most protective styles lack. Twa twists gave me the ability to style my hair in any fashion. Also, like sisterlocks, you can style your hair using heating appliances (although I would not recommend habitual heat use).  Most importantly, you can wash your hair with twa twists. I have my own method for keeping my twa twists neat during and after shampooing/ conditioning. I’d encourage my natural sisters who are contemplating getting sisterlocks, but still have reservations, to give twa twists a try. If you're ready to make that leap, Sisterlocked is a great site that I highly recommend you visit. Not only does it provide helpful information about sisterlocks, but it's a great source of hairspiration for so many natural sisters like myself.

As always stay beautiful,

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  1. Hey naturalista!
    Okay, so I am at the point with my twa where I was comtemplating mini sisterlocks, however; I still want the versatility of other styles. I love the photos of your hair and that is the look that I think would work for me. Plus you stated that the versitility of rocking other styles is still an option. I would like more information on how to get the twa twist look. Can you help me?